About Us


The Alternative Palate (TAP) is Australia’s leading provider of wine education, tastings, and wine tours for wine consumers irrespective of their level of oenological knowledge or tasting skill.  TAP was launched in 2000 to provide wine information, tastings, and recommendations to wine consumers and restaurants on wine purchases, cellaring, and tasting.

TAP also consults to wineries and restaurants on a range of services including but not limited to marketing, strategic planning, sales, and product initiatives.

The Alternative Palate is committed to assisting consumers and restaurant staff to develop the skills and competence to not only better appreciate wines but to actually appreciate and enjoy both tasting and serving wine.

Our proven practical and workable corporate and social Tasting and Training programs and seminars are designed to meet the specific needs of wine consumers and restaurants.

The Alternative Palate also makes commentary on wine, wine products, and the wine industry through Press and Media Releases.

Wineries, Wine Product Producers, and the Wine Industry in general are offered the opportunity to Advertise on The Alternative Palate website, Newsletter, and Dinners.